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    EBG61305801 Thermistor Assembly

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    EBG61305801 Thermistor Assembly   Some of the models this part works for include (but not limited to): LDE3031ST, LDE3037BD, LDE3037ST, LDG3036ST, LDG3037, LRE3021ST, LRE3061ST, LRE3193ST, LRE3193SW, LRE6321ST, LRE6323ST, LRE6323SW, LRE6325ST, LRE6325SW, LRE6327ST, LRE6383BD, LRE6383SB, LRE6383ST, LRE6383SW, LRE6385ST, LRE6385SW, LRE6387ST, LRG3081BD, LRG3081ST, LRG3085ST, LRG3193ST